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27.3., 20:00 Uhr
MiLK TEETH + Special Guest: FANGCLUB
Vorverkauf: 13,00 (zzgl. VVK-Gebühren im Underdog Recordstore und an allen bekannten Vorverkaufsstellen)

Punkrock, Grunge & Garage Rock aus Stroud/Gloucestershire und Leeds


Hailing from Stroud, the band’s mixture of light/dark, sweet/sour, melody/noise echoes those early 90s reference points – Pixies, The Breeders, Dinosaur Jr – but adds something distinctly British.

Working with London based Venn Records, new EP ‘Sad Sack’ drops on January 26th. Six tracks of quite blistering promise, opener ‘Vitamins’ is all brash confidence and gnarled guitars punctured with wailing vocals.


Grungy 90's riffs over a throbbing pop heart, they're a deafening feedback loop of leather and amp stacks with a sugary sweet edge.